• THE DOGGIE BAG (door to door meal program)

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    While the Coronavirus infiltrates the Crescent City, its most vulnerable victims have become the elderly.  And with so many businesses closing down it is making it nearly impossible (and risky) for them to go to the stores, etc.  And although we are all in the same boat, there are always others that have it worse than we do.  So we felt it was time to "pay it forward".

    For your donation, you will receive a PERSONALLY SIGNED card from me/Tia Torres (yeah I own the place!)  The Tahyo Tavern will cook up a healthy and super yummy meal and it will be hand delivered (to their porch) to members of the "Lower 9 Senior Center" in the Lower 9th Ward area of New Orleans. 

    And for any of our senior humans who have pets in the home, we will also be donating the appropriate dog or cat food so that they can all remain at home safe and healthy until this "invisible enemy" aka the Coronavirus leaves us all alone. 

    You are saving lives!

    SPECIAL NOTE:  The Doggie Bag art/logo is also available for sale as a t-shirt right here in this online store.  Proceeds from the sale of the shirts goes towards supplies and food for the companion animals to the elderly.